Messy: Dwayne Wade Baby Momma Discover Plus Baby Name with First Photo

TMZ Sports has obtained the birth certificate for Dwayne Wade’s brand new son … which shows the kid’s name is Xavier Zachariah Wade … and he was only born last month. Of course, Wade recently acknowledged that he had a kid with a woman who isn’t his fiancé Gabrielle Union. Now, we know the kid was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 10 2013 … just 6 weeks before Wade popped the question to Gabrielle, who he’s been dating since 2009. According to the birth certificate, Wade’s baby mama is 30-year-old Aja Metoyer. The details of their relationship are basically unknown, except the obvious fact they have a kid together. Aja has two other children. Metoyer did not list Wade as the father on the birth certificate, but she did give the child Dwyane’s last name. Sources connected to the situation tell us … Dwayne has been making a serious effort to be a part of the child’s life and has visited Xavier several times since his birth. Most recently, Dwayne visited his son while he was in L.A. to play the Lakers on Christmas Day.

This will get messy and more messier.  Meet Aja Metoyer the newest  babymomma to Dwayne Wade and Babymomma to Damon Wayan Jr.

That’s right Aja Metoyer has a kid also with Damon Wayan Jr.   To honest with you I kind of feel sorry for this chick.  I hope she play her cards right and never cross Dwayne Wade because we all know how he is quick to go to court to filed for full custody for his kids.

Meet Xavier Zachariah Wade. Well atleast his hand. Aja sister has posted a picture of the baby hand. Guess they are going the Kimye route only showing parts of the baby because we all know how Dwayne Wade Fans and the media can be. Hope they have done a DNA test.