Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy, Go to Lunch In Paris



Awww just look how big Blue Ivy has gotten.   I will have to say Blue Ivy is such a cutie pie.  The Carters was seen having lunch at Septime restaurant on Thursday in Paris.. 



You can tell Blue Ivy is going to love the Paps  when she get a little order.  She looking straight into the cameras like saying that’s right a star is born.


As you can probably tell Blue Ivy is probably enjoying all this attention.  Right at this minute Blue Ivy name is trending on twitter which I think is so cute. 

As a mom to a toddler I can understand why Beyonce look the way she do.  Sometimes you just want to get up and go along with getting a little peace of mind.



Im so loving this scene with Jayz trying to kiss his daughter as she pull away. 


Here we have the look of Beyonce look stun that the paps are right in her face but Blue Ivy looking like she is talking and enjoying the moment.