Own Network Will Not Renew Season 2 For Rap

Own Network Will Not Renew Season 2 For Rap Up
Tyrese just announced that Own Network will not be renewing season 2 for the talk show if Rap Up.
I have to be honest with you it was a refreshing show to hear 2 men give their opinions on relationships and current news.

Guess the talk show was not ready for Rev Run and Tyrese.

It breaks my heart to post this.. the Network has decided to pass on SEASON 2 of our show… ( watch this full clip the link is in my Instagram bio )…… Message to one of my biggest inspirations mother Oprah Winfrey and team.. Honestly as much as I want to be mad and disappointed, I can’t be because you believed in us enough to give us a shot. A shot that you could of given to anyone…… We were inspired to have a moment to finally spark a dialogue and put some positivity on the air and not another RATCHET show throwing drinks, fighting and taking things into ratchet levels for ratings….. THAT WOULD OF BEEN EASY RIGHT….? With love in my heart and pure determination I say this…. On behalf of myself and my best friend and mentor, REV RUN… Thank you to all of the fans who rocked with us and tuned in….. Dammit! Let me see if I can get the CHAIRMAN and CEO of NETFLIX on LINE 1… will live on!

Oprah gave some some strong advise that I will hold onto as we look for our new home……. "Think like a KING a KING is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” -Oprah