Kanye West Gets Diss By Bush and Trump

Kanye West Gets Diss By Bush and Trump

Guess we can say Kanye West was trying to break the internet Friday night when he showcase his controversial video "Famous". In this video we had alot of celebrities that are wax like dolls all in this one bed. Well 3 of those dolls that had social media in flames was wondering will Kanye West be sued. As you can also see Kanye Tweet and Deleted
"Can somebody sued me already. I'll wait.
Well TMZ reach out to George Bush rep for the 43rd Prez tells TMZ, "In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush."
The rep added it should be obvious the guy in the "Famous" video is a fake Bush, adding, "He [W] is in much better shape." Picking W is an interesting choice … you'll recall during Hurricane Katrina, Kanye ranted, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Earlier today Donald Trump's rep also told us what's pretty obvious … it ain't him. We're guessing it's not Bill Cosby either.

It look like Noone went to their lawyers to sued but hey it still but right now we let the jokes be on Kanye for telling TMZ that he real celebrities in his video.

Kanye West Debut “Famous video with Nude Celebrities.

Kanye West Debut "Famous video with Nude Celebrities.

A couple of hours ago Kanye West drop his controversial video "Famous" at The Forum in California.
In this video which features lookalikes are George Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye, Kim Kardashian West, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, and Bill Cosby.

You probably wondering what the hell and which celebrity gave Kanye West permission to used their likeiness. We all probably going to assume Taylor Swift never gave permission with all the back and forth about a lyric that Kanye wrote regarding Taylor Swift.

Kany has mention to @tmz_tv the celebrities are the real deal and not look alikes. Kanye also did a interview with @vanityfair that he did a preview with some of his celebrities friends who are not in the video. The response he got was they wanted to be in the bed too.

So what do you all think of Kanye West "Famous" video?