Allegedly: Bow Wow Got Fired From 106 & Park for Using a Company Card to Pay Child Support


New York — “He want people to start calling him Bow Wow, but still acting like he got the ‘Lil’ in front of his name” Says one 106 & Park executive who witnessed Bow Wow being escorted off of the B.E.T. property. Bow Wow real name Shad Moss was fired from 106 & Park just hours ago after an accountant discovered he used company funds to pay for his monthly child support to baby mother Joie Chavis. “I don’t care what video vixen he decided to skeet in, B.E.T. money, is B.E.T.’s money” Said Roger Payme a senior accountant speaking on how Bow wow charged over $30,000 in child support to a company card he was issued for wardrobe and travel. “I’m driving a used Honda and his daughter got a toy Bentley for Christmas, ain’t that a b1tch?” B.E.T. plans to air reruns until they find a suitable replacement, but expects no slip in ratings since nobody really watches 106 & Park since AJ & Free left anyway.

Lets see if Bet or Bow respond back to these allegations or not.

Shots Fired: Royce Reed Puts Chris and Adrienne Bosh On Blast



Alright lets get started.  So this weekend  not only has Royce Reed, former Vh1 basketball wives reality star,  was telling all of her baby daddy Dwight Howard business regarding his own basketball team of kids.  She also went head to head with Adrienne Bosh who is marry to Miami Heat Winner Chris Bosh who have a daughter with her friend Allison Mathis.

Chris Bosh and his wife just announce they are having another child a baby girl of their own but here is the kicker Chris Bosh also wants custody of his daughter Trinity. 

You can check out the article is on below. 

Newly-minted NBA champion Chris Bosh has been busy with more than just basketball … he’s been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his ex to snag custody of their 4-year-old daughter, TMZ has learned.
Bosh has filed legal docs asking a judge to strip his ex, Allison Mathis, of primary physical custody of Trinity.
Bosh claims Mathis has been trying to alienate the kid from him … blocking contact, refusing to let them travel together, and poisoning their daughter against him.
Bosh wants primary physical custody, but says he’s more than  willing to give Mathis her fair share of mother-daughter time in the form of visitation.
Mathis has fired back in her own legal docs, saying his complaints are BS.
The custody battle between Bosh and Mathis has been raging for years — you’ll recall, just last June Bosh was denied permission to take his daughter to the Olympics.
But hey, at least he’s got another championship ring.


Now you this is Bulls crap that the Bosh family are trying to pull.  Didn’t  just recently Adrienne announce that she was pregnant again and that this time she was having a little girl?

Here we have Royce standing up for Allison and telling it like it is:


OOPs I guess  Chris and Adrienne got busted for sending TMZ.and other media outlets information about this long custody case.  Royce also spilt how they are being harassed by the Bosh’s lawyers and not going to take it anymore.

Now here is the kicker.  I hope this is not true for what Adrienne is asking another female child to call her Mom. NO No NO NO boo boo I don’t care if your husband is a millionaire, when it come to another woman child you will always be a stepmother.   That is so disrespectful. 


We all know by now that Adrienne Bosh is not going to respond to these allegation that Royce brought up on twitter.

Chad Johnson News: Baby Momma wants Chad Lock up for non child support payment while Chad mistress attacks ex-wife Evelyn Lozada


I swear this man can’t win for nothing.  Chad Johnson back in the media once again for being label as a DEADBEAT DAD by his baby momma Andrea Pearson who had a son with Chad back in 2010.

Andrea Pearson has filed legal documents in Miami Courts claiming Chad has failed to pay his child support of 5.250 for the month of October.  Ms. Pearson has mention she can not afford to financially take care of their son so she wants Chad to pay.

If Chad can not afford to make payment Ms. Pearson wants Chad Johnson lock until he can afford to make payment.

I take it that Ms. Pearson have not been keeping up with news of the drama that is surrounding Chad Johnson.   With a failed marriage, getting fired from his Football team, domestic violence along with getting a divorce.  How is this chick expecting for Chad to make any type of Child Support payment.

Meet Jessica Chad new Mistress:

I Guess Jessica wanted Evelyn Chad Ex-wife to know that Chad is handling his business with her.

Check out the Tweets below.  These females out here that is looking for a start-up with these dudes out here need to learn silence is the best reward.

jessica ‏@jesse8886
@EvelynLozada the same compassion that you used when you let a man repeatedly put his hands on you #rolemodel
5:00 PM – 17 Nov 12 · Details
3hEvelyn LozadaVerified ‏@EvelynLozada
@jesse8886 Why r u tweeting me upset because he smashed and passed?! We are DIVORCED boo! Keep that between u & him ugly.. #Damn
5:25 PM – 17 Nov 12 · Embed this Tweet
@EvelynLozada not upset just done watching you be his enabler and reinforce that he thinks he’s a changed man while he lies to everyone
6:07 PM – 17 Nov 12 · Details
Evelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
YUCK RT @NaiaBaby22: @EvelynLozada let them tell it its all the same when the lights are off! Hmmmmmmpft!
4hEvelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
Yea Cheryl “Heady Murphy” tried me RT@cheryl2958: @EvelynLozadaHey sweety! What is going on? Is someone joking?? Love you!
Chad Johnson ‏@ochocinco
Everything is fine Ms Cheryl, just going to relax and hear a little music RT@cheryl2958: What’s going on Chad? Is everything ok?
Chad Johnson ‏@ochocinco
Why entertain ? The fight i’m fighting includes 2 people, not a royal rumble, swing with me, fuck the past, Smart Cars only seats 2…
Evelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
Lets make @jesse8886 famous since she wants to tweet me all day! You smashed the homie now what?! #BigHeadedself

Evelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
CLEARLY!!!! RT @TurshaG: @EvelynLozadasome men can careless about looks honey.
4:05 PM – 17 Nov 12 · Details
6hEvelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
You wrecked a Maserati so you can ride a Corolla!
6hEvelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
#Comedy ☺ RT @chocol8boomboom and you know the ugliest bitches are the most fertile! But these guys keep shouting #badbitches
6hjessica ‏@jesse8886
Jersey tonight..
6hEvelyn Lozada ‏@EvelynLozada
I’m convinced that for some men coochie don’t have a face! Some of these birds are DISGUSTING! Anything for a sperm deposit#Gross#TurnOff only…

LOL.  Guess Chad must wear the pink underwear to all his mistress homes.