Kim Kardashian In Ulyana Sergeenko Couture – Jimmy Kimmel Live + Videos


Kim Kardashian made a appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live last night wearing Ulyana Sergeenko Couture. 

Kim Kardashian shared the unedited highlights of her now-infamous European marriage to Kanye West when she appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Monday, Aug. 4—including details of her drunk sister and some rude last-minute VIP cancellations!
Wearing a low-cut, white jumpsuit and an aquamarine silk coat, both by Ulyana Sergeenko, the reality TV star looked a little nervous as she walked onto the set to join the host and his audience for the taping of the late-night show.


Once settled, Kardashian, 33, relaxed and seemed happy to divulge all the details of her wedding week in Paris, France and Florence, Italy. The wedding rehearsal at the historic Palace of Versailles was a huge event, she recalled, although some guests overindulged!
“I think everyone just had such a good time at Versailles that they drank too much,” Kim revealed. “Khloe drank a little too much the night before and I had to wake her up,” she added, of her 29-year-old sister. “She was laying down and getting her makeup done while she was sleeping, she was so hungover!”


Kim talked about the dual venues of Paris and Florence. “We wanted to share our love story,” she explained. As Us Weekly previously reported, Paris was chosen as the place the couple first fell in love, and Florence as it was the location of baby North’s conception.
The one downer of the event? Her last-minute no-show guests who threw arrangements—in particular the pre-engraving of guests’ names in a massive marble tabletop—into chaos.
“It was the worst,” Kim said, not naming any names, although, as Us reported at the time, Beyonce and Jay Z’s decision not to attend the wedding was very last minute. “We tried to put white paint and cover the names,” she explained of their marble-etching drama.

But despite the inconvenience, the blissful newlywed insists nothing could have spoiled her big day. “It was the most amazing experience just to be able to share it with so many family members and friends,” she said. “We wanted everyone to be on this love journey with us.”…d-chaos-201458


Khloe and French had "relations" in their van at the airport

Guess you got to get in where ever you can.  A paparazzi guy that name Diggzy just happen to catch Khloe Kardashian and French Montana having sex in a van.

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Travel The World While Daughter North West Travels With Nannies and Security


Earlier today Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West,  was place in the hot seat for allowing their 1 year old daughter North West to travel on a plane from Los Angeles to New York with only nannies, security and an assistant.  Check out the Pictures from below.


Kim Kardashian‘s 1-year-old baby is a full-on baller, flying 1st class from NYC to L.A. with nannies, an assistant, a nurse and a security guard … then whisked off the plane by Delta personnel and escorted home in a chauffeur-driven Porsche Panamera waiting for her on the tarmac.
North West did not fly with her mom or dad. Kanye was in France and flew to Miami. Kim flew to New York with North but then left for France for a day … so mom and daughter flew back home separately.
And no Ubers for North. She rolled up to JFK in Kanye’s Maserati and was greeted by her people.
Sure beats Chuck E. Cheese.

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Kim Kardashian Returns Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian arrives back in LA

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Spotted Hair

Soon as she arrives she meet her with her friend Carla.  They both go to the hair and nail salon.  While her husband is back in New York. 

Kanye made a surprise performance at Chappelle’s show tonight.

All I can do is SMDH on this. I hope these 2 parents get it together and realize life is to short to be galloping all over the world and being proper parents to their daughter.  You would think before Kim have done anything before she had mommy time was to go and check on her daughter.


French Montana Responds To Tichina Arnold Over Weekend Slay: “Don’t Use Me to Plus Your Charity”

French_Montana _Respond_ To Tinacha_Arnold

I guess folks just don’t know when to leave things alone.  This weekend Tichina Arnold went on Instagram and gave French Montana the slayage of the year

Of course French Montana had to come back one more time after the knock out Tichina gave hime to say” Don’t use me to plug your charity”, how he used to be a fan of the character Pam on Martin’s and for her to stay blessed.

French_Montana _Respond_ To Tinacha_Arnold2

Reality Tea: Kenya Moore was Seen With Her Casper the Friendly Ghost Billionaire Married Boyfriend Tonye Cole at Harvard University


Reality star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore tweeted that she was at Harvard visiting.  Well it seem like Kenya was not alone. Kenya Moore was seen strolling the campus grounds with a mystery man while she was doing a series of tweets that same day.


As she was visiting the campus a fan of Kenya took a picture and tweeted that seen her and her mystery man together.

It didn’t take long to find out who the mystery man was.  The mystery man name is Tonye Cole who is from Nigeria who could be Kenya Moore African Prince.  Tonye Cole is reported to be a oil tycoon so we know Kenya Moore is probably set for the moment.  There is also reports saying that Kenya met Cole through african artist D’Banj where this affair has been going on for awhile now and that they both kept this affair private even though some people in Nigeria has seen them together.


Tonye Cole co-founded and is the Executive Director of the Sahara Group, and is responsible for the new ventures and business development as well as enforcing corporate ethics and compliance. He also manages and spearheads the Group’s upstream exploration and production activities in West Africa.

Tonye is married with three children with his wife Sylvia Cole.

Well is some tea for you to sip and enjoy:

“I’m told that Kenya and D’Banj are just friends who indulge in benefits, but she’s fucking with Tonye Cole, who actually is an oil tycoon. He’s supposed to have a thing for models, even though he’s married.”

“Are you serious? I knew Kenya’s man was most likely old(er) and married, but I at least thought he would be estranged. Hmph. Cole is married to a doctor and his wife is actually a sweet woman. They also have like three or four kids too so it would be no wonder Kenya was hitting up the sperm bank. If she’s getting Sahara Group money that’s crazy good though and makes more sense than D’BANJ.

Oh, but Tonye and D’banj both personally know each other too though And now Kenya’s in mix? I wonder what they each think of each man supposedly dating the other. And Tonye’s wife (Sonia or something) doesn’t seem like the type that would be cool with her hubby flaunting another woman in public. Is that why Kenya’s trying to keep him a secret?? So many questions lol.”

“It’s true that Nene (and Cynthia) have ‘met’ Kenya’s man, but it was through a Skype call. My friend said they started acting like Kenya’s man doesn’t exist only because they found out that Tonye Cole is married. It’s part of the reason why Kenya doesn’t come for Nene like the others – Nene could and would blow up Kenya’s spot if she wanted to. It’s also part of the reason why Kenya is disliked by production, because she’s establishing a pattern of flirting with men that are taken.
Kenya supposedly met Tonye through D’Banj! The relationship is discreet: when Kenya goes to 9ja, she pays her own way. My friend also doesn’t think Tonye’s wife knows – but if she does know, she’s controlling how far Tonye is allowed to play with the mistress. Either that or Tonye knows how to handle his business. Kenya is definitely not getting Tonye’s sperm. A few gifts and some spending money, that’s it. I love Kenya but she makes herself look a fool ranting on television about this man that isn’t claiming her and will never be a full part of her life.”


So did you enjoy the cup of tea?  Well sit back and let see if Kenya Moore address this allegation or not.   Remember she mention on the reunion she does not deal with marry men.

TheLilMoShow Blast Fan on Instagram Plus New Song “Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyaltyyy Feat. Da Brat


I really would hate to be this younglady that TheLilMoShoe blast on Instagram. 

Sometimes it not even worth trying to come at celebrity not unless you got a goal to try to get your own 15 seconds of trying to be famous.  Well this younglady got her 15 seconds and in the end it was not cute at all.

Make sure you also check out TheLilMoShow new song “Loyalty, Loyalty Loyaltyyyy Feat. DaBrat”.

R & B Diva LA reality star is holding no cute cards.  Lil Mo went straight for her estranged husband head in her new new track Loyalty, Loyalty, loyalty  Feat. Da Brat on her new mixtape No Shit Sherlock.

I guess we can say there will be no getting back with her estranged husband Phillip Bryant where she is dating a Philadelphia boxer by the name Dynamite real name Carl Dargen.

Can’t be mad about her moves. Do your thing LilMo.

Regina Hall Books Recurring Role in FX Series ‘Married’

Regina Hall has secured a recurring role in the new FX series “Married,” set to premiere this summer.

Regina Hall will play Roxanne, the ex-wife of needy AJ (Brett Gelman), who is taking their divorce very hard. Now she’s engaged to a much more emotionally stable guy, but AJ is still making her life difficult.

Hall will next be seen on the big screen in “Think Like A Man Too,” due in June.

Vh1 Reality Star Rashidah Ali Was Warn By Judge: “Break the Rules again and it’s Jail”


Judge Warn Vh1 Reality Star Rashidah Ali Not To Break The Rule Again Or Its Jail

A judge in Hackensack agreed not to send “blinged-out bombshell” Rashidah Ali of “Love & Hip Hop” to jail today after she promised to stop violating parole for credit card fraud.

Ali, 30, has missed several scheduled appointments with her parole officer and failed to pay restitution the terms of her plea agreement.

She even wrote a $6,800 check to the Bergen County Probation Department last spring that bounced.

I guess we can say Rashidah has a new story line for the show.


Click here to read more: Rashidah Ali Of Love and Hip Hop Break Rules Again

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Oh No Tyra Banks Transform Into Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Kat Moss For Photo Project



Tyra Banks sure do know how to make heads turn.  Here we have Tyra who took to social media (twitter and instagram) that she was paying homage to her competitors and colleagues. 


On instagram she stated:

‘I’ve put my own spin on #NYFW w/ a photo tribute in which I LITERALLY transform into some of the fiercest #SuperModels ever,’ Tyra said.

I think Tyra did a great job transforming herself in to some of the greatest models.

Tyra as Cindy Crawford:


Tyra as Cara Delevingne:



Tyra as Kate Moss:


What do you think of Tyra transformation into her idol models?  Do you think she went a little too far by transforming into white models instead of the great black supermodels?

Even though I love the idea of creating different types of arts but I wish she would had switch it up.  Now she has mention she had done 15 idols and so far we only seen 3 so until I see the rest I won’t drag her till then.

Worst Twerk Ever!!!!!


First let me say this to you folks.  People do not ever do this at home.    This young lady was getting her grove on while twerking then she decided to do a hand stand on the door.

The next thing you know her roommate or who ever this young lady is to her force herself in.  She knock her over by crashing into the table.  On this table she had a candle lit along with alcohol in a glass.  I guess you can say when she crash into the table the candle and alcohol ignite on her clothes.

Hope this young lady is ok.