Rumor Alert: Chris Tucker Secretly Marries Atlanta News Anchor Cynne Simpson Last Weekend.

So word on the internet streets is that Chris Tucker secretly marry Atlanta News Anchorwoman, Cynne Simpson last weekend in Puerto Rico along with his son as witness.

Even though I have never heard about this couple dating but according to the rumors they have been very serious for awhile.

Well if true Congratulations to this lucky couple.

Beyonce crashes a wedding in Italy


Beyonce and her husband Jayz are finally enjoying some husband and wife time alone with each other while on vacation in Portofino, Italy.

As they are trying to do the tourist thing they was being followed by the paparazzi.


The paparazzi did catch the couple going into a local church where there was actually a wedding in session.

I hope they didn’t pop in where the pastor ask is there anyone that is not in agreement with this couple getting marry speak now. Surprise!  Beyonce and JayZ.


Even though some people would be mad but Beyonce did the right thing by taking a picture with the bride to make up for interruption of a beautiful wedding.

The bride gown is beautiful.

Macy Gray Ft Bobby Brown: “Real Love” (Extended Version)


This song is smooth.and relax.  I just happen to come across this song and wanted to share it with you all.  This song is on Macy Gray album “The Sellout”.

I don’t know why this song didn’t reach the mainstream music or the radio station. this song is so cute, it has such a flirty spirit that makes you happy to be in love!



CHELSEA, AL (August 4, 2014)—Atlanta are you ready for a Historical weekend experience of mixing, mingling and networking with “Entertainment Royalty?”  Get ready for “Lights, cameras and action” as the Atlanta Celeb Fest Productions proudly brings this one-of-a-kind extravaganza to Atlanta featuring:   The extraordinary “1st” family of music “The Jacksons,” actor/producer and humanitarian Danny Glover, Tuskegee Airman Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann (Dr. Spann), Lamman Rucker (the handsome star of Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” Series), nationally known actor Quinton Aaron (best known for his outstanding leading role as “Big Mike” of major movie hit “Blindside” with Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock and singer/actor Tim McGraw), Emmy Award winning journalist Frank Wiley Jr., V103 actor/comedian/radio personality/community advocate Ryan Cameron, DJ REEC of HOT 107.9, MsNickee Mack (CEO of Diva Day International), and Singer Demetria McKinney to name a few.  This mega celebration will last three days and be full of exclusive high profile entertainment and events benefiting:  The Atlanta Food Bank, The Quinton Aaron Foundation and The Warrick Dunn Charities.


8:30am (until)—Thursday/Friday (8/14 thru 8/15):  Quinton Aaron Celebrity Golf
8:00pm (until)—Friday Night (8/15):  Quinton’s Celebrity Birthday Bash.
12:00pm (until)—Saturday (8/16):  Celebrity Basketball game.
7:00pm (until-Red Carpet starts a 6:00pm)—Saturday Night (8/16):  The Celebrity Image Awards Gala (featuring performances by The Jacksons and more.  Hosted by Demetria McKinney and Actor Lamman Rucker).
8:00pm (until)—(8/17):  Celebrity Fashion Show.
About Atlanta Celeb Fest Productions
Atlanta Celeb Fest’s mission is to create high-quality celebrity events from conception to completion to help raise awareness of community needs in Atlanta, GA.  Through our vision, we value contributions made by celebrities within their respected careers.  We promote self-expression through a variety of platforms, including: art, music, dance, sports, film, television, fashion, hair and beauty.  We recognize commitments celebrities have made within their local
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Nia Long is the new face Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds


Actress Nia Long is the new face of Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Lustre perfume – making her the first person to front the fragrance other than the classic Hollywood actress herself.

The mother-of-two, famous for her TV roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Third Watch, said of the fragrance in a press release: ‘Elizabeth Taylor said White Diamonds was her “Diamonds In A Bottle,” and that’s what Lustre really is to me – Lustre just adds that extra sparkle.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress


Today is the day where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get marry.  Even though Kanye claim he wanted privacy the paparazzi sure didn’t get the memo.

Everyone was wondering how Kim wedding dress will.  Well here are some photos.  Sorry they are blur but I once I clearer pictures I will post them.


Reality Tea: Kenya Moore was Seen With Her Casper the Friendly Ghost Billionaire Married Boyfriend Tonye Cole at Harvard University


Reality star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore tweeted that she was at Harvard visiting.  Well it seem like Kenya was not alone. Kenya Moore was seen strolling the campus grounds with a mystery man while she was doing a series of tweets that same day.


As she was visiting the campus a fan of Kenya took a picture and tweeted that seen her and her mystery man together.

It didn’t take long to find out who the mystery man was.  The mystery man name is Tonye Cole who is from Nigeria who could be Kenya Moore African Prince.  Tonye Cole is reported to be a oil tycoon so we know Kenya Moore is probably set for the moment.  There is also reports saying that Kenya met Cole through african artist D’Banj where this affair has been going on for awhile now and that they both kept this affair private even though some people in Nigeria has seen them together.


Tonye Cole co-founded and is the Executive Director of the Sahara Group, and is responsible for the new ventures and business development as well as enforcing corporate ethics and compliance. He also manages and spearheads the Group’s upstream exploration and production activities in West Africa.

Tonye is married with three children with his wife Sylvia Cole.

Well is some tea for you to sip and enjoy:

“I’m told that Kenya and D’Banj are just friends who indulge in benefits, but she’s fucking with Tonye Cole, who actually is an oil tycoon. He’s supposed to have a thing for models, even though he’s married.”

“Are you serious? I knew Kenya’s man was most likely old(er) and married, but I at least thought he would be estranged. Hmph. Cole is married to a doctor and his wife is actually a sweet woman. They also have like three or four kids too so it would be no wonder Kenya was hitting up the sperm bank. If she’s getting Sahara Group money that’s crazy good though and makes more sense than D’BANJ.

Oh, but Tonye and D’banj both personally know each other too though And now Kenya’s in mix? I wonder what they each think of each man supposedly dating the other. And Tonye’s wife (Sonia or something) doesn’t seem like the type that would be cool with her hubby flaunting another woman in public. Is that why Kenya’s trying to keep him a secret?? So many questions lol.”

“It’s true that Nene (and Cynthia) have ‘met’ Kenya’s man, but it was through a Skype call. My friend said they started acting like Kenya’s man doesn’t exist only because they found out that Tonye Cole is married. It’s part of the reason why Kenya doesn’t come for Nene like the others – Nene could and would blow up Kenya’s spot if she wanted to. It’s also part of the reason why Kenya is disliked by production, because she’s establishing a pattern of flirting with men that are taken.
Kenya supposedly met Tonye through D’Banj! The relationship is discreet: when Kenya goes to 9ja, she pays her own way. My friend also doesn’t think Tonye’s wife knows – but if she does know, she’s controlling how far Tonye is allowed to play with the mistress. Either that or Tonye knows how to handle his business. Kenya is definitely not getting Tonye’s sperm. A few gifts and some spending money, that’s it. I love Kenya but she makes herself look a fool ranting on television about this man that isn’t claiming her and will never be a full part of her life.”


So did you enjoy the cup of tea?  Well sit back and let see if Kenya Moore address this allegation or not.   Remember she mention on the reunion she does not deal with marry men.

Beyonce Knowles Join her sister Solange Knowles on Stage At Coachella 2014


Beyonce Knowles-Carter join her sister Solange Knowles on stage at Coachella 2014 while dancing to Solange song “Losing You”. They look like they are having so much fun dancing on stage.

Check out the video below:

Beyonce Knowles jump on stage while her sister Solange was performing.  I know the crowd at Coachella was in heaven when they seen both sister dancing and having great fun.



Cassie Rocking Blonde Braids With Diddy At Coachella 2014


Regardless that they have never made it official about their relationship I will have to admit I love this couple.  Diddy and Cassie was seen at Coachella 2014 looking very comfortable.


Cassie took a selfie rocking her new braids.  Do we love it or not?  This is giving a 90’s feelings. 


Cassie is seen with her own custom Reebok jersey with her last name on it while rocking Jordan 6’s.

Can we say Cassie Ventura is rocking the Tomboy Chic style?

Beyonce Prom Date Proposal

Meet Daniel Massoud, Daniel is a junior in high school who is requesting a date with Beyonce Carter for his junior prom.
I actually like this video.  It was cute, original and very unique.  Still haven’t figure out what do twerking have to do with asking  Beyonce to be his prom date but hey whatever work for him.
I guess we will have to wait and see if she will decline or accept his proposal.
Wish you luck Daniel Massoud.