Are You Ready For Rob And Chyna Reality Show?

Are You Ready For Rob And Chyna Reality Show?

Well the wait is almost over with. Check out the preview of the up and coming show and what have E! has to say:

In this exclusive first look at E!'s upcoming six-episode docu-series Rob & Chyna, the engaged couple and parents to-be get in a blowout fight as their prepare for the birth of their baby. "I fell in love with you because I know how good you are and how loyal you are," Rob tells Chyna in the video.

Cut to Chyna screaming at Rob over the phone, "Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?" before she slams the door on him. Yikes!

In addition to their tiff, which caused some breakup rumors a few weeks ago, we see the lovebirds laughing, loving and sharing lots of sweet PDA. Rob even kisses Chyna's bare baby bump as she asks him, "Are you ready to be a daddy?" Too cute!
The clip ends with the tagline, "They're cute, they're complicated and they're about to become family." Watch our exclusive first look at Rob & Chyna for yourself to see the Kardashian family make a cameo!

Will you be watching?????